Friday, February 18, 2011


laptop cord broke so i wasnt able to write anything but im going to come back strong and really kick this blog off! Next week ill be writing about my journey threw P90x as i will be done on monday!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

While thinking of things to blog about i am going to start off with a simple fun post. I am going to talk about my bucket list top five. I was encourage you to leave a comment with your own bucket list!

5)  Build my own house. I want to be a Carpenter in the future as its my passion. I want to become successful enough to build my own house with my own hands. I think this would be one of the most awarding feelings possible and being able to hand it down to my future children would be an ever better feeling.

4) Travel to every continent including Antarctica. I am only 18 and already moved from Canada to Ireland for a year on a holiday working visa. I love traveling it has changed me as a person for the best. I want to travel everywhere but not as a tourist i want to spend time there and understand the country and its heritage. I feel this is the best way to spend your life.

3) To underwater cave explore. I am very adventures by nature. I once saw a documentary on it once and very since i have wanted to do it. The things they saw in those underwater caves were unreal and it is something few experience but will stick with you for life. It is something that would be truly remarkable to see.

2) To own and sail a sail boat. I have only been on a sail boat once but it was amazing. I would love to buy a large sail boat that you can sleep in and cook in. I would love to take a vacation and just stay on the open water enjoying life with no worrys just relaxing.

1) Sky dive!  I wont go into detail with this because its self explanatory!


Hello, i just started my new blog i am unsure what i am going to blog about i will be doing rough drafts in the next few days. If anyone reads this yet feel free to give me opinions on what you would like to see some one write about. I am really excited to start doing this i have always wanted to make a new blog! I hope i gain a lot of followers so i have an audience to write to!